Sat 7/29/2017
With The FlipSide
@Clay's / John O's
No. Lawrence, OH

Tue 8/8/2017
With The FlipSide
@Shaker Colonnade
Shaker Heights, OH

Sat 8/12/2017
With Acoustic Joyride
@Yasgur Road Reunion
Bethel, OH

Sat 9/9/2017
With Will Cheshier Tiny Orchestra
Northfield, OH

Sun 9/17/2017
With The FlipSide
@Lakewood Catholic Academy
Lakewood, OH


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About B. Ryan B.

"B" is a stage musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Y'know, that guy who sang "Cleveland is Your Land."

B. Ryan Blog

The entertainer becomes the entertained

Sun 11/13/2016

Yes, musicians love going to shows too! Sometimes, it's just "market research," other times, it's to support a mentor or contemporary. For me this weekend, it's all of the above.

Friday night, I was honored to "share the stage" in a way with Diana Chittester and Anne E. DeChant in Akron. Saturday, I just had to watch Tom Gorman and Tom DelGreco in Bowling Green while the latter was in-state. Also coming to Cleveland's own Music Box Supper Club tonight (Sunday) is acoustic star Dar Williams, whose most enduring groupies are among my family and friends.

Wow, Cleveland is hot!

Tue 10/25/2016

Cleveland, this is your year... finally! A Cavs championship, a peaceful RNC, and now the Tribe's headed to the World Series!

Not sure whether this is related, but my Cleveland is Your Land video is reporting a bump in popularity, haha.

Goodbye to the Barking Spider, hello to a new family

Fri 9/16/2016

News of the Barking Spider Tavern's closing spread as fast as when Martin passed.

That's normal when it's time for a dearly beloved to become dearly departed, as many cultural musical icons have in 2016. There's no better consolation for that loss than the faith that your loved ones are embarking on an even more glorious life. Much love to the new Kirby family: Brent Kirby, Jenna Juredine, and Baby Kirby!

Playing bass as a sign of intelligence

Fri 8/19/2016

Well, there goes yet another evolutionary distinction between apes and humankind -- well, at least between apes and bass players!

Playing bass guitar for different groups, I endure my share of bassist jokes. As if that weren't enough Koko the Gorilla proves here that jamming on the bass is no great feat. LOL

How to "Find Our Way" as a nation

Sun 7/10/2016

Our country has been torn apart this year. "Folk" musicians are in a unique position to help society work through our differences, to a peaceful condition. My Cleveland is Your Land and Understanding videos aim to do that. Akron-based performer Zach does it constantly.

Today, I saw another video that beautifully offers that kind of healing: Cleveland-based singer Ashley Nemeh's "Find Our Way" says it even better than I ever could.

Fairy god-Mim

Fri 5/20/2016

I'm honored to know Mim Conway. A FlipSide groupie for years, she also has a music ministry of her own. Cleveland's NBC affiliate, WKYC-tv Channel 3, tells that story here.

New songs

Mon 5/9/2016

A couple of you have asked about new stuff I'm working on. This summer, I may focus on songwriting. A couple more are done, and a few more are on their way.

For a sneak peek at the ones that are stage-ready, I'll showcase them at Brent Kirby's 10x3 this Wednesday night.

Jazz kicks

Fri 4/15/2016

I'm playing two shows this month with a fledgling jazz group, the Grindstone Jazz Ensemble. Both have connections to Baldwin Wallace College.

One is a cancer awareness benefit, featuring a well-loved survivor from BW staff. The other is the swing dance club's annual shindig. Details are on the group's website here.

Vaudeville returns to the 'Spider

Wed 4/6/2016

Where I'll be tonight, getting my chortle on: Stephen Lee Rich at the Barking Spider: That Was Vaudeville.

Even at Folk Alliance conferences, Stephen stands out as an musical entertainer among musicians. His dry wit always cracks me up. I'm glad he's making another trip to Ohio to do just that.

Next music video help

Sat 3/5/2016

Anyone know someone around Cleveland who owns a late-model, red Chevy Corvette, who would be willing to lend it to me 2 evenings for use in my next music video?

P.S.: I did get a lead, so thanks everyone!

Saluting Jim Snively

Mon 2/29/2016

The world lost another well-loved musician today, Jim Snively. I haven't seen so many posts about a passing since David Bowie's.

Thing is, Jim "Loose Change" Snively touched so many people, so deeply, not with flamboyance, but with peace, not just with his music, but also by personal contact and support. Jim, may you be as welcomed today as you were welcoming to all of us.

Interviewed by Mike Vial

Sat 2/6/2016

Mike Vial (web, YouTube) is a professional folk musician, with engaging lyrics and some colorful guitar chops, who has showcased at FAI regionals and gigged around the continent.

One of Mike's latest projects is a blog about music conferences. He kindly interviewed me for that blog. The article went live today here. I'm not his first interview, but I'm his last (inside joke) so far.

Stellar first month

Tue 1/26/2016

One month since the release of "Cleveland is Your Land," and YouTube has certified over 11,000 views! Wow.

That leaves me wondering how I can possibly follow that act? :-)

Trending on YouTube, and picked up by commercial radio!

Thu 1/6/2016

Thanks, fans! "Cleveland is Your Land" has been viewed on YouTube more than 2500 times in less than 2 weeks.

If that weren't enough, commercial radio has picked up on it: thanks to Q104 and WMJI! And thanks again to Mr. JEG at WRUW for being the first to play the song when the CD was first released.

Gone viral

Wed 12/30/2015

Wow, YouTube reports that Cleveland is Your Land just passed 1000 views in just the first 5 days!

Guess I'm not the only one who likes this town. Join me in spreading the love: share the video, then strike up a friendly conversation with the next stranger you meet, just because they're a fellow Clevelander.

It's Here!

Sat 12/26/2015

The "Cleveland is Your Land" music video is finally released. Thanks again to everyone who pitched in.

You can see it on YouTube here, or just at

If you like it, please share it. Let's tell the world about the best location in the nation!

Cleveland Video Pre-release!

Sat 12/12/2015

Right on schedule, my music video for "Cleveland is Your Land" is getting pre-released to media outlets.

Watch for the public release on 12/26. Till then, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc!

More Famous Ohio Musicians

Wed 12/9/2015

I'm so proud to have worked with professional musicians from northern Ohio who have topped the RMR radio charts recently!

Kerry Patrick Clark took #1 last year on the RMR charts for all of 2014 for "In a Perfect World." And this week, Anne E. DeChant started her #1 run on the RMR chart for "Sunday Morning Drive"!

Ohio has produced some seriously skilled songwriters who, I can vouch, have worked their talented tails off for those honors. Congrats!

Cleveland Video Almost Done

Mon 11/23/2015

Just over a month now, until the release of the music video I'm honored to be a part of.

Our editors finished the video's second draft over the weekend. Not coincidentally, the Cudell Rec Center mural has taken a prominent position in the video.

Hint: its message is that Cleveland was built, physically and socially, by people from all walks of life. And that is why I'm proud to call myself a Clevelander.

Folknet at FARM

Sun 10/25/2015

FARM (Folk Alliance Region Midwest) is a regional chapter of a professional folk arts organization. FolkNet is a similarly-minded organization based in Northeast Ohio.

They're both seeing a renaissance this year, and finding each other. I'm really proud to see so many folks from our area represented at the FARM conference.

Salute to Uncle Fred

Sun 9/13/2015

Cleveland lost a folk music champion today. "Uncle Fred" Dolan spun folk tunes on WJCU for more years than I can count.

My hat is somberly off to Uncle Fred and his family. Thanks for the music. The FlipSide will honor him at our show next month. (Obit)

B. Ryan Bio

When B's not taking his own music on the road, he currently plays bass guitar and various other instruments for a handful of Northern Ohio bands including classic folk rock group The FlipSide, acoustic pop trio the Will Cheshier Tiny Orchestra, dance rock band Blame Willie, prolific folk singer-songwriter Tom Gorman, plus church and theater groups.

In the past, he's sat in on bass with top local talent including Anne E. DeChant, Wallace Coleman, Brian Henke, Crazy Marvin, Diana Chittester, Desmond and Molly, and the late Rob Cosma; and backed up international performing artist Kat McDowell.

B can also be found behind-the-scenes, engineering sound and providing other musician support. He has emceed Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) since 2010.